Children hands

From 5/12/09 to 10/01/10 took place in Garda an event organized by the association "Le Mani dei Bambini" (Children's Hands) for our Foundation.

The exhibition, held in the Villa Carlotti - which was offered by the Municipality of Garda, was addressed to the children of the local kindergartens and primary schools. During the previous months we asked our orphans in Kenya to draw their daily life, the reality surrounding them, their life. Meanwhile we asked the same to the Italian children.

We then realized the exhibition in the Villa Carlotti, dividing them in two separate rooms, so that the differences could be easily recognized.

In the first floor there is a museum of toys made of recycled materials, coming from different African nations.

This museum helps Italian children understand that children and their parents in less lucky nations have to use such materials to make toys, due to lack of economic resources. In fact we would never take in consideration such materials.

At the rooftop of the Villa children were invited to express their feelings about what they saw and to realize some toys with recycle materials, as f.e. plastic bottles, eggs box, cans, and so on.

Two teachers explained the children how to realize those toys, to play with a friend or alone, how to create animals with papier-mache or boats with plastic bottles.

The exhibition was open during all week ends and the Christmas holidays and there were many children creating some toys which they then brought home. .

A special thanks to the association "Le Mani dei Bambini" who followed the event day by day.

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