Germano Chincherini Foundation is a non-profit organization established at the will of Mr Germano Chincherini, founder of Parc Hotels Italia hotel chain. The Foundation is committed to safeguard children’s rights in different areas in the world, operating in collaboration with other charitable organizations, while respecting local community values.



"Germano Chincherini was a hotel entrepreneur and hailed from Limone sul Garda. Over the years, his passion and dedication led him to build and run several hotels on Lake Garda and Sicily. His hard-earned wealth did not change him, but he would always remember his youth and the challenges and obstacles life put in his way. Since the Eighties, my husband and I had travelled a lot—yet, after our first visit to Kenya, the look in the eyes of the Kenyan children stuck deep in our mind. After that, we returned to Kenya time and again, and also decided to have our own house by Diani shorefront, near Ukunda. Our day-to-day relationship with the local population and Catholic church let us get closer to the children’s needs. Germano and I did not have any children of our own, and that experience brought us closer to the plight of that little ones, who rejoiced in simple things such as a sweet. In June 2000, Germano suddenly passed away. His demise motivated me to accomplish something in order to keep his memory alive—therefore, with the help of my trusted aides, I started some charitable interventions in the inland parts of Kenya. We built drinking water wells, which were precious to the people living there who find it hard to come by clean potable water. That inspired me to go on and establish the Germano Chincherini Foundation ONLUS (non-profit organisation) in Italy and another namesake non-profit organisation in Kenya, an essential step we took in order to carry out crucial charitable interventions. As you are going to read in the following pages, the works we made in our own small way were essential, and the joy which sparkles in the eyes of the children we are accommodating in the two orphanages we built pays me off day by day. If you would like to give us a hand, you can donate to help us carry out our works or sponsor a child. Inquire about it by calling the phone numbers or writing to the address you find in the inside front cover. Thank you for your help."

Helena Malm – President

Where we help children in the world

In Kenya:
Diani Tourist Road
Diani Complex, 94
P.O. BOX 1231
Ukunda – Kenya (Africa)

In Italy:
Via Campaldo 13 - 25010 Limone sul Garda (BS)
tel. +39 0365 913514
Via G. Chincherini - 98037 Letojanni (ME)
tel. +39 0942 643114


Via Fantoni, 53; 25087 Salò (BS)


Via Campaldo 13
25010 Limone sul Garda (BS)
Tel. 0365 913514 - Fax.0365 954354

Donation on bank account.

made out to Germano Chincherini Foundation ONLUS Banco di Brescia - Limone sul Garda (BS)
iban: IT 04 R 03500 54640 0000 0000 7294
Fiscal Code 96019110178