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All the plants of tomorrow are the seeds of today. The farming project of the Chincherini Foundation has started......

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Doctors Claudio Dutto and William Di Mattia donated and installed ........


The Foundation wanted to build another group of 4 homes which will welcome 32 ...

Construction progress of the third block of foster homes

Fondazione Germano Chincherini Apertura Nuovo Orfanotrofio

THE GERMANO CHINCHERINI FOUNDATION – ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility)

Was found in December 2001, as Germano Chincherini left in his last will, after coming to an untimely end. Mr. Germano's wife, Mrs. Helena Malm, found it and gave the first endowment, following meticulously her husband's will and assuming at the same time the title of life-chairwoman. The Italian Ministry of Finance recognized this Foundation as an ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) and therefore it can benefit by the 5‰ IRPEF contribution.

The institutional aims of the Foundation are to protect and help poor and needy children, young people and babies, particularly regarding those poverty situations in many Third World countries and supporting the religious and laical institution working with the same aims.

During the first years, the Foundation substantially contributed to :
- a construction of a catholic primary school in Ukunda (Kenya)
- two drinkable water-well in a Kenyan village in need;
- it promotes long-distance adoptions,
- has built a Community Hall, near the school complex in Ukunda,
- realized a training course for hotel industry to introduce young people to the job market and constructed Family Homes in Ukunda for orphans.

In Italy it supports many charitable institutions, as, for example, the Combonian mission, endowed study grants to worthy students and helped both school and sport organizations and relief institutions for elderly and disabled people.
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