Social Responsability

"Most definitions of corporate social responsibility describe it as a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis" (from the EU Green Paper - July 2001).

Social responsability is become nowadays a relevant need to many companies: supporting developing countries in a condition of disadvantage is necessary in a society who demands solidarity, justice and sustainable development.

Private companies, foundations, banks are important actors in a civilizied society and therefore their ingagement in a social sphere and indeed can contribute to awaken public opinion to importance of solidarity.

To support the Germano Chincherini Foundation means to invest in thousands of children's future, improve their living conditions and help them grow up in their land of origin.

Profits for the Company


Tax deduction for social aims donations.
Better workplace and internal communication.


Better social image..
Brand joined with solidarity.
Prestige and appreciation from enterprise's stakeholders Sales increase as a consequence of cause related marketing.

But the greatest benefit is give hope for a better future to thousands of children.

Financing our projects.

t is possible to contribute to the realization of a developing project by financing some actions, as f.e. the construction of a school and a refectory, the vaccination campaign, the supply of teaching equipment for children or the request to achieve your new social project with the Foundation acting as intermediary.

A Basket team from Monza gave the example by building a basket field in Kenya. The team will endow the funds and will provide the know-how to set up the pitch.

The economic contribution to support the project can be a regular annual donation, a percentage from the sale one or more products, an amount called after particular results or activities.

The Germano Chincherini Foundation suggests to the companies different kind of cooperation: for further information contact tel. +39 0365 913514.

Where we help children in the world

In Kenya:
Diani Tourist Road
Diani Complex, 94
P.O. BOX 1231
[email protected]
Ukunda – Kenya (Africa)

In Italy:
Via Campaldo, 13 25010 Limone s/g (BS)
Tel. 0365 913539 Via G. Chincherini - 98037 Letojanni (ME)
Tel. +39 0942 643114
E-mail:[email protected]

In Venezuela
“ El Jardín de la Esperanza “
Vereda 25, casa n. 6, Los Curos (Mérida)

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Via Fantoni, 53; 25087 Salò (BS)
C.F. 96019110178


Via Campaldo 13
25010 Limone sul Garda (BS)
Tel.0365 913539 - Fax.0365 954354
[email protected]

Donation on bank account.

made out to Fondazione Germano Chincherini
IBAN: IT45F0336754340000010100651