School is over, and there's a big celebration in Diani at our Nyumba Ya Watoto in Kenya.

Fourteen of our kids have completed their primary school education, acing the national exam – well done! In conjunction with the Parc Hotels Italia company outing, we organized a delightful party in the community hall.

Our President, Helena Malm, and Director John were there, along with all the staff from our facilities, mothers, children, and the Parc Hotels Italia guests. During the event, Helena awarded all the newly promoted students. With January approaching, they will move on, some to college, some to vocational schools, each following their own interests and considering the advice of teachers and social workers.

Lucy, representing all the kids, read a touching letter of thanks and wishes to Helena:

Mama Helena,

all the visitors present all the staff members and my fellow children I would humbly greet you with great honour. I also thank the Almighty for the gift of life He has given us. A lot of people are fighting to survive but God is protecting us freely with no pay.

To Mama Helena I thank you very much for being very kind to us. You have done a lot of good things for us that we could not afford. You have brought us from very far. None would have known that we could be here.

To all the children we are grateful to God for providing you to us. We have all come from poor backgrounds but you have raised us up. We used to eat street foods or even stay hungry but you now feed a balanced diet that is very healthy.

No one of us had money to go to school but you have provided it. You have sheltered us and brought us from darkness to lightness. Thank you Mama. You have also done great to all the staff of Nyumba Ya Watoto. None of them had hopes to get such great works that you have given them. Thanks for being the best friend and best mother ever seen on Earth.

May God bless you and protect you from all evil things. We also pray for you to regain good health and stay strong always. To all the other visitors, thank you very much for your cooperation. We love you so much Mama and may you have a Merry Christmas.

Here is the link to the original letter, personally written by Lucy in excellent English.

Link to Lucy's Original Letter

Afterwards, there was a grand celebration with everyone, featuring dances, songs, a performance by our little jugglers, and well-wishing for the upcoming Christmas.

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